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We have the distinct fortune of being able to coltivate our vines in three diverse microclimates in Montalcino. This allows us to offer three different types of Brunello each a testament to the land it was grown in.
Our vines are 100% Sangiovese and are worked following the strict guidelines of organic agriculture: we do not use any chemicals with the exception ofa bordeux mixture and powdered sulfur, always staying within the limits set by the guidelines of the biological agriculture association.
We do not use fertilizer instead we plant covercrops which in the Fall. These plants consist of legumes, clovers and grasses.
This covercrop helps to regenerate the land after a long summer season of work. They also aid in enriching the organic substance of the land all the while penetrating deeply the roots of the various planted species.
Moreover the diversity of plants in the vineyard prevents superficial erosion and instead favors the absorption of water and creates an important habitat for many species of animals and insects.
This process guarantees the formation of an ecosystem full of life which is essential to the health of the vines.

Ragnaie1. Vigna del Lago2. Vigna Fonte3. Vigna Cappuccini4. Vigna Vecchia

Le Ragnaie vineyards vary between 5 and 40 years of age. They are planted in the central zone of Montalcino with a south-west exposition to the sun and facing the sea. The altitude of the vineyard varies between 530 and 600 meters which allows for the harvest to begin in the second half of October. The wine from this vineyard has an elegant taste and a beautiful aroma on the nose. The vines are surrounded by an oak forrest, olive groves and a small lake. An ideal habitat for animals and insects.


The Petroso Vineyard extends over one hectre and is located close to the village of Montalcino along the Scarnacuoia rd.
This is one of the oldest winemaking zones in Montalcino. The vineyard is 380 meters above sea level and is surrounded by a forest.

Castelnuovo dell’Abate

Our winery has three different parcels of land in the castelnuovo dell’Abate region of Montalcino. This is one of the most pretigious winemaking areas in the “ilcinesi” territory. In recent years many wineries ave purchased vines in this area because it produces wines of the highest quality. Our vines are situated in the area near the old onyx mine along the Misericorida rd.

Analysis of geological and pedological

By Proeco, Studio Associato di Consulenza Agronomica – Faunistica – Geologica – Topografica.
Download Analysis Reports.

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